Peroge Brand Story

Our brand's mission is that with age,

natural skin problems become obvious.




peroge keeps thinking about these problems

and create solutions for them to restore

the natural luster and firmness of the skin.




peroge made the perfect products from the

raw materials of the trees for your skin.

Our ultimate goal is to find the cause of the skin

problem to help the skin improve and

enhance it's natural beauty.


How does "peroge" help your skin?




1. Maximizes the moisture of the skin.

2. Helps to supply essential nutrients.

3. Helps improve the skin surface by facilitating skin

activity by adjusting the oil and water balance.

4. Maximize skin's defense.

5. Creates an environment where the skin can

grow naturally.



We believe that the power of water and trees can help to have beautiful skin.




We are using reusable containers and packaging materials in order not to

destroy the natural environment as much as we can.

We have recycled toss-out wood from the furniture's manufacturing to

create new 'peroge' products.



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